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Purkap topcoat TDS


AZPOL PURKAP TOPCOAT is a two component, solvent free,
non-toxic, UV-and weather resistant, polyurethane self-levelling top coat .
AZPOL PURKAP TOPCOAT forms an polyurethane  surface with high
abrasion and impact resistance, skid resistance, and that is non-toxic
and food safe. 
AZPOL PURKAP TOPCOAT  is ideal in areas where incidental food contact
may occur such as kitchens,  cafeterias, hospitals, laboratories, warehouses,
hotels, schools, meat and fish industries and food production and bottling plants.
AZPOL AQUEPOKS/SL provides a skid resistant surface and may be applied
as the final floor finish or topped with another floor coating as desired.
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