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Aqua epox primer TDS


AZPOL AQUAEPOKS PRIMER  is a two-component, water based, 
non-toxic, clear, epoxy coating with excellent resistance to abrasion and
moisture.AZPOL AQUAEPOKS PRIMER  does not contain any volatile
organic compounds and is a safer and more environmentally friendly
alternative to conventional coatings such as solvent based epoxies,
polyesters, and acrylics. AZPOL AQUAEPOKS PRIMER 
is highly abrasion resistant and will not support the growth of bacteria.
AZPOL AQUAEPOKS PRIMER  is ideal in areas where incidental food
contact may occur such as kitchens,   cafeterias, hospitals, laboratories,
warehouses, and food production and bottling plants.As Azpol Aquepoks
primer is a two component system, it is delivered in three packages.
Azpol Aquepoks PRIMER is supplied as ready to use kits in the exact ratio. 
Before mixing, precondition both A and B components to the temperature
of +15ºC - +25ºC. Azpol Aquepoks Primer component A is pigmented.
Mix the component A with drill at 300-350 rpm for 2-3 minutes until a
homogenous colour is acheived without causing air bubbles. 
Pour the entire contents of component B into the container of component
A; make sure that there is no product left in the component B package.
Scrape well the sides and the bottom of the container
to ensure a thorough mixing.

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