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Aqua epox SL TDS


AZPOL AQUEPOKS/SL is a three-component, water based,
environmentally friendly,  non-toxic epoxy resin floor overlay
system formulated  with modified polyamine. AZPOL AQUEPOKS/SL
forms an epoxy surface with high abrasion and impact resistance, 
skid resistance, and that is non-toxic and food safe. It could be
applied in a thickness to 2-3  mm with is available in a wide
variety of colors.
AZPOL AQUEPOKS/SL is ideal in areas where incidental food
contact may occur such as kitchens, cafeterias, hospitals, laboratories,
warehouses, and food production and bottling plants. 
AZPOL AQUEPOKS/SL provides a skid resistant surface and may
be applied as the final floor finish or topped with another floor
coating as desired
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