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Road marking paint TDS
This is the high performance and quickly drying cool road marking
paint which is alkyd resin-based, modified with chloric rubber, and  
with specific additives. That adheres perfectly to the surface and is
abrasion resistance, elastic, resistant to salt water and chemicals.
It does not lose its color, if renewal is necessary can be struck out on
the old paint. Its life is 6-12 months depending on the movement
intensity of cars on the road. Azpol Road Marking paint is produced
due to the approved regulation according to the EN 1436, EN 1871
Azpol Road Marking paint is used as marking paint directing the traffic
flow in urban and suburban roads,parking areas, garages, airport roads
tennis courts, malls, workshops and stores, industrial facilities, pedestrian 
crossings, sidewalks and bordures.  Azpol Road Marking paint can easily
be used on asphalt, concrete and other surfaces.
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