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Urethane alkyd based varnish TDS


A one pack alkyd varnish with high gloss and good durability.
For interior and exterior woodwork. For use at Newbuilding,
Maintenance & Repair or On Board Maintenance.This material
is a one pack coating and should always be mixed thoroughly
with a power agitator before  application.Ensure the wood is clean
and dry prior to application. Azpol Yacht  varnish  may be applied
directly over aged  Azpol  yacht  varnish  following thorough fresh
water washing and degreasing provided the coating to be overcoated
is in an intact and tightly adherent condition. Loose or flaking coatings
should be removed back to a firm edge and Azpol yacht  varnish  or an
appropriate primer should be used to repair the area before
application of the full coat.


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