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Antifire EP 60/120 TDS


Azpol Antifire EP 60/120  is a solvent free thick film epoxy intumescent
coating. It offers durable, epoxy fire protection products that are solvent
free and fast curing, with fire protection for up to 2 hours on structural 
steel, decks and bulkheads. Azpol Antifire EP 60/120  is also tested for
jet fire situations. It has resistance to the following: Moisture , Acid spillage,
Alkali spillage , Petroleum solvents, Aliphatic solvents, Abrasion Weather.
A very durable, corrosion resistant, epoxy intumescent coating providing
pool and jet fire protection to steel structures potentially exposed to on and
offshore hydrocarbon fires. 
• Decks and bulkheads
• Structural steel support members
• Pipe racks
• Vessel skirts
• Vessel saddles
• Tanks
• Vessels
• Steel structures exposed to potential blast and BLEVE.
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