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Antifire WB 60/120 TDS

General description of the product:           

 Single component  water borne fire resistive coating Azpol Anti Fire WB 60/120 is a low VOC  acrylic                          based  coating  low odor, easy to apply fire protective coating is designed to provide fire protection to structura                steel up to 1.5 hours  is fire tested to ASTM E119/UL 263 standard. The smooth hard surface of the                              Azpol Anti Fire WB 60/120 is dust and dirt resistant and does not erode at normal room temperature.                               For decorative view should use suitable last film.  Recommended uses  new build big and small steel                  constructions  for building bridges  in factories which produce chemical  materials oil  chemical factories              development buildings use as fireproofing coating.

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