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What is colouring process?

13 June 2016
What is colouring process?
Many people think that colouring is just purchase of paint and its application on surface in one layer. In fact, it is possible to act in this way but this method does not give results and it will not be long-term. Therefore we advise 3-stage colouring process.
1. Preparation of surface 
2. Application of ground 
3. Application of last layer
Preparation of surface depends on its state. If a surface to be coloured in a good state preparation will not be difficult. But if surface is not in satisfactory state it shall be processed before colouring. Use of ground is not important always. It depends on quality of surface.
Preparation of surface to colouring:
Preparation of surface to colouring is a main part of work. This can take twice of time of surface colouring. But results worth this trouble.
As a result of right preparation of surface to colouring of last layer:
Colour will stick stronger
Smooth and defectless
Even drying
More duration
What is necessary for preparation of surface to colouring?
1. Firstly, scratch and clean old surface
2. Polish
3. Remove unevenness of surface by putty
4. Cover cracks and attaching points
5. Prepare surface
It is necessary to polish surface because:
Paint stuck to polished surface better
Prepare surface with covering for colouring
Remove steam from newly grounded surface
Prepare defects of surface by non-mat paint before colouring
Even surface by applied putty
Application of ground is the second stage of colouring process. Ground is the first stage of surface covering. Therefore before starting of grounding process surface to be grounded shall be prepared for the sort of colouring. Ground prepares surface for application of last layer. Ground is not important always. But there are such cases when its application is necessary.
After enumeration of functions implemented by ground it will be clear when it is necessary. So, ground covers new surfaces and this is very important issue. Such materials as concrete and gypsum-cardboard are porous as sponge and suck in inner tar. Ground isolates a surface and as a result a tar neither leaks nor flows out. This form is advantageous because there is no need to cover a last layer several times. 
It improves adherence and protects against alkalization. Last-layer covering is less uncertain material in the process of surface preparation in comparison with ground. It dries quicker and this prevents spoiling of a whole colouring process. 
It ‘closes’ calcareous surfaces. Lime is available in composition of any paint. Therefore lime shall get stronger on surface because if not paint may be stripped and fall off. Ground is conjunctive material assisting fastening of paint on surface. 
It protects rind of trees from tannin (special agent produced by wood) blots. Grounding prevents appearance of tannins on wood surface as well as spoiling of last layer.
And finally grounding prevents metal corrosion.
Last layer is a final stage of colouring. It is a part visible on wall. Therefore choice of material for last layer depends on coloured surface and personal requirements. There are a plenty of paint sorts. From than angle it is necessary to think about coloured surface that is whether this concerns indoor or outdoor place. Afterwards you shall think which appearance you would like to get: mat, semi-mat or shining. Which paint shall be selected: high-qualitative, super-qualitative or professional? Paints spreading all these requirements may be selected among assortment of AZPOL, Corella, Muflon, Bermuda marks.
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What is colouring process?

What is colouring process?

Many people think that colouring is just purchase of paint and its application on surface in one layer. In fact, it is possible to act ...

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